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A peer-reviewed, online-only journal dedicated to the study of Asian ants. Articles are published continuously, immediately upon final acceptance. Asian Myrmecology publishes original research papers on ants in or from Asia, or with regional or global importance. All areas of modern ant research are covered, including:

- Taxonomy
- Biogeography
- Ecology
- Behaviour
- Life-history
- Ethology
- Genetics
- Conservation evaluation
- Applied myrmecology

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ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY is listed at ISI Web of Knowledge, CAB ABSTRACTS, SCOPUS and in OVID PS (Biological Abstracts) issued by Wolters Kluver.

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Announcement: passing of Prof. Christian Peeters

The editors of Asian Myrmecology regret to announce the passing one of our editors, Prof. Christian Peeters.

Christian was internationally renowned for his enthusiasm, energy and passion for research on ants. He was a great traveller and networker and helped mentor many young researchers involved in myrmecology all over the globe. He had a unique way of thinking and a knack for using his broad knowledge of ants to develop general questions into multifaceted research themes.

His contributions to our knowledge of ants through science and public outreach were extensive. As well as his encyclopaedic knowledge of natural history, his research spanned the evolution, behaviour and morphology of ants and helped define the body of knowledge on which researchers depend today.

As well as acting as an editor of Asian Myrmecology, he contributed multiple papers to the pages of our journal and frequently acted as a referee.

He will be sorely missed as a colleague and a friend.

Passing of Prof. Christian Peeters

Christian Peeters Memorial Issue of Asian Myrmecology

The editorial board of Asian Myrmecology would like to announce the production of a special issue to commemorate the extensive and diverse contributions to myrmecology made by our recently passed colleague and editor, Christian Peeters.

We invite submissions of research articles from all fields of myrmecology with the aim of perpetuating Christian’s passion, energy, and enthusiasm for elucidating and sharing the fascinating world of ants.

We particularly encourage submission of studies focusing on the biology of Asian ants, though in acknowledgement of Christian’s truly global pursuits in myrmecology, we will be relaxing our usual geographic scope on Asia and will accept myrmecological contributions from anywhere, with the uniting theme being Christian and his work.

This issue will be produced alongside our standard issue for 2020/2021, and will be open to submissions from now until July 1st 2021. As our journal operates online only, articles will be published shortly after acceptance.

If you are interested in making a contribution to this issue, please contact one of our editors-in-chief below.

Christian Peeters Memorial Issue anecdote pieces

In place of a single memorial piece in the special issue, we would like to prepare a collection of personal and scientific anecdotes from various collaborators to front the special issue. We feel that this approach will provide a better representation of Christian's diverse global contributions to myrmecology while also highlighting his personal moments, strengths and quirks.

We would therefore like to ask if you would be willing to contribute a short piece for inclusion in this collection of anecdotes. The content may be scientific, personal or both, and focus on a particular project or present a broad overview of a longer collaboration. As a general guideline to preparing anecdotes, we ask for contributions to be limited to 200-400 words. These will be combined into a single memorial piece to front the special issue.

We invite contributors of articles to the special edition to include with their submission an anecdote (which may be connected with their study or independent of it). However, we would also like to ask those who are unable to submit an article, but would like to make a contribution to the special memorial issue, to include their experiences in this form.


Adam L Cronin (
Benoit Guénard (
Francisco Hita Garcia (

Announcement: passing of Ass. Prof. Dr Bakhtiar Effendi Bin Yahya

The editors of Asian Myrmecology deeply regret the passing of one of our editorial staff, Ass. Prof. Dr Bakhtiar Effendi Bin Yahya.

Dr Bakhtiar completed his PhD at Kagoshima University (Japan) and wrote his dissertation on the ant genus Myrmicaria in Southeast Asia. He returned to Borneo, where he later became Associate Professor at the Institut Biologi Tropika dan Pemuliharaan (IBTP) of the Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) in Kota Kinabalu.

Bakhtiar was a key member of Asian Myrmecology and ANeT, and supported the journal through both administration at the University Malaysia Sabah, and through duties as an editor and reviewer. Ant research in Borneo has suffered a great loss.

He will be sadly missed. We mourn with his family, friends and colleagues.

Passing of Ass. Prof. Dr Bakhtiar Effendi Bin Yahya

ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY is published by the International Network for the Study of Asian Ants, ANeT. Through publishing this journal we seek to realize one of the major aims of ANeT: to support those in the younger generation who will develop myrmecology and contribute to biodiversity conservation in Asia. We eagerly await contributions from students and beginners as well as established professionals. ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY publishs high quality original research, which follows ethical guidelines.

Please note that Asian Myrmecology has switched to an e-number system from issue 9. Each article will be citable via issue and e-number (e.g. Asian Myrmecology 9:e009002). Each article will also be assigned a unique DOI number and all articles have standard page numbers of 1…x.

If you're interested in publishing in ASIAN MYRMECOLOGY, please read our Guidelines for Authors and the Submission. AND ... dear authors, please note that we are absolutely non-profit and that all editors earn nothing for their contributions! We all have to work hard as doctors, lecturers, professors, researchers and teachers so please don't push us for a deadline. Articles will be published online in their final form as soon as accepted and proofed.

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